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M.C.L.P. is a well-established company in central Bangkok, providing reliable, high quality protective apparels and equipments for the Law-Enforcement unit, Camping gadgets & gears for the Outdoor, Uniform accessories & raw materials for the officers, Shooting safety glasses & Protective Hearing Muff for the Military & Police to the South-East Asean Market. We are also a distributor of High quality brands like Gerber, Wiley X Safety Glasses, Magnum Boots, AO Navy Glasses, Swissknife, Niteizae, Boker Knives, Smith&Wesson,Elvex, Hazard 4, Gear tie, Otter, Bubel, Flitz, Bushnell, Grabber, Drycase, Camelbak, Uzi, Resqme, Acme, Swisstech, True Utility, Macks, Cablz, Egear, Zippo, First Light, Tec. Niglo & Maglite.


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   Outdoor Set Multi function Rope
Outdoor Set Multi function Rope
Outdoor set Contains No16, perfect for dragging or lifting the heavy stuff. No8 for tie down and strapping equipment and No4 is perfect for hanging gear and clothes in the camp or why no use it as a tent line.

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The perfect tools for an active outdoor life style 3,5m No 16 fluorescent orange Strong and durable, yet soft and pliable’ Create locks, snares or loops in an instant Lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket Connect several ropes to pull and drag by hand 5m No 8 fluorescent yellow Light weight and easy to handle Perfect to tie down your cargo Wash in machine at 40 degrees No chains or hooks that can scratch your vechicle 30% built in stretch 7m No 4 black Perfect for organizing laundry and equipment Light weight and strong Use as a tent line Easy to adjust, extend or shorten.

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