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M.C.L.P. is a well-established company in central Bangkok, providing reliable, high quality protective apparels and equipments for the Law-Enforcement unit, Camping gadgets & gears for the Outdoor, Uniform accessories & raw materials for the officers, Shooting safety glasses & Protective Hearing Muff for the Military & Police to the South-East Asean Market. We are also a distributor of High quality brands like Gerber, Wiley X Safety Glasses, Magnum Boots, AO Navy Glasses, Swissknife, Niteizae, Boker Knives, Smith&Wesson,Elvex, Hazard 4, Gear tie, Otter, Bubel, Flitz, Bushnell, Grabber, Drycase, Camelbak, Uzi, Resqme, Acme, Swisstech, True Utility, Macks, Cablz, Egear, Zippo, First Light, Tec. Niglo & Maglite.


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Hand Embroidered Wings
Metal Badges
Metal Stars, Rank Badges, Shoulder Badges, Cap badges & Chevrons in Chrome Plated and Gilt Finish.
Metal Buttons
Buttons Brass in chrome plated and gilt finish in various sizes, with brass rings.

Highly Qualified imported cords in Silk, Cotton, Wool, Plyester, Golden/Silver Mylar in normal, twisted or braided patterns.
Shoulder Strap/cords
Shoulder straps/cords in golden wire/golden mylar for various ranks as per order specifications.
Embroidered Badges
Hand embroidered badges in Mylar, Gold, cotton for all ranks, caps and ceremonial wear as per order specifications.
Sword Knot
Slip on Epaulets for Navy, Army and Police with Golden and Silver Braids/ribbons as per order specifications.
Highly Qualified imported Lanyards in Silk, Cotton, Wool, Plyester, Golden/Silver Mylar in normal, twisted or braided patterns.
Ceremonial aiguilletes available in silk, polyester, silver/golden mylar or wirre with tips in gold plated/chrome plate finish as per order specifications.
Ceremonial Belt
Ceremonial belts with golden braids and gold plated buckle.Material used as per order specifications.
Medals & Insignia
Gold & Silver Plated Brooches

Peak Cap Accessories
Hand embroidered Peaks in Naval, Oakleaf and Palm leak pattern in Gold and Silver Mire or wire as per order specification.
Metal Buckles
Plate Buckles, Locket Buckles, Quick-release Buckles, 2 prong and 1 prong buckle in chrome plated and gilt finish as per order specifications.
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