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M.C.L.P. is a well-established company in central Bangkok, providing reliable, high quality protective apparels and equipments for the Law-Enforcement unit, Camping gadgets & gears for the Outdoor, Uniform accessories & raw materials for the officers, Shooting safety glasses & Protective Hearing Muff for the Military & Police to the South-East Asean Market. We are also a distributor of High quality brands like Gerber, Wiley X Safety Glasses, Magnum Boots, AO Navy Glasses, Swissknife, Niteizae, Boker Knives, Smith&Wesson,Elvex, Hazard 4, Gear tie, Otter, Bubel, Flitz, Bushnell, Grabber, Drycase, Camelbak, Uzi, Resqme, Acme, Swisstech, True Utility, Macks, Cablz, Egear, Zippo, First Light, Tec. Niglo & Maglite.


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 ͺ´ . (02)621-2966-8
Customers have many choice of deliverly or get product as in the detail below:
Local Pickup: We are welcome to all customer to get the product at our office during working time
Register Mail: We will deliver your order after the payment was clear in the same day by registered mail but the size and weight will be limited to this option and all of fee is charge to buyer ohterwise the itme was state to fee delivery.
EMS:Fasterandother condition as the same to RegisterMail.
Same Day Deliverly: For Bangkok and Suburban Only.
For more information please feel free to contact us at 662 621-2966-8

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